Baby grand piano

Victor Prouvé (1858-1943), designer
Louis Majorelle (1859-1926), decorator
Majorelle Frères, cabinetmaker
Maison Erard, piano manufacturer
Nancy, 1903
Carved solid mahogany frame and wood marquetry
Gift of Louis Majorelle, 1919
Inv. 21522

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The theme of the marquetry, designed by Victor Prouvé, is a lullaby called The Sandman’s Song by Jean Richepin, from the play Par le Glaive (By the Sword) (1892):

Chantez la nuit sera brève
Il était une fois un vieil homme tout noir,
Il avait un manteau fait de rêve
Un chapeau fait de brume du soir.
Chantez la nuit sera brève

(“Sing! The night will soon be over! There was once a dark old man, with a coat made of dreams and a hat made of evening mist. Sing! The night will soon be over.”)

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