« Potiche » à couvercle (d’une paire)

« Potiche » à couvercle (d’une paire)

Chine, dynastie Qing (1644-1912), XIXe siècle
Porcelaine de Jingdezhen à décor de bleu de cobalt sous couverte et d’émaux et dorure sur couverte
Legs Baronne Salomon de Rothschild, dépôt de la Fondation nationale des arts graphiques et plastiques, 1923
© MAD, Paris / photo : Jean Tholance

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Luxury objects in Europe, Chinese porcelains were first integrated into the decors of aristocratic residences in the 16th century. They show the excellence and the precocity of a skill practiced in China from the 13th century, and also the development of international trade between Asia and Europe from the end of the 16th century. During the second half of the 19th century, the presence of China at the Universal Expositions and the renewal of interest in the 18th century relaunched the fashion for these large porcelain objects among the gentry.

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