Sculpture-object “Anna”

Richard Meitner (born in 1949)
Glass painting studio of Malainy Sow
Amsterdam / Dakar, 2004
Blown glass, six portraits reverse painting on glass, framed
Gift of Alexandra de Vazeilles, 2008
Inv. 2008.29.1.1-12
© MAD, Paris / photo: Jean Tholance

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When staying in Dakar, Richard Meitner works with one of the most talented representatives of the local tradition of reverse glass painting, Malaini (called Mallo) Sow. The six elements in blown glass of this work “contain” portraits reverse painted under glass by Mallo Sow, after photographs by Meitner. These portraits of Anna Venini, the daughter of the founder of the factory Paolo Venini (1895-1959), are a tribute to the entire lineage of modern glass at Murano that this family incarnates.

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